Frequently Asked Questions

What utilities are included? Tenants are responsible for electric and/or gas, and cable/internet.  However, some utilities can be combined (except cable).  Please call to see if the unit you are interested in includes ALL utilities.
Do I need a co-signer? No.
How much is the deposit? The deposit is one month’s rent and is refundable when the lease expires if the unit is in good condition. If cleaning is needed, it is billed at $60/hour per person.
How long is the lease? One to two years.
Are pets allowed? If you are prescribed an emotional support animal, you must be approved by me before the pet can enter the property.
What happens if I lock myself out? There is a $40 charge for a lockout.
Can I have a satellite dish? Sorry, no satellite dishes please.
What do I need when I sign a lease? Everyone’s full security deposit and everyone needs to be present who will be on the lease.
Is the lease automatically renewable? No, lease is not automatically renewable.
What if a roommate can’t pay their rent? All persons on the lease are responsible for the entire monthly rental charge.  If a roommate fails to pay their portion, you must pay the difference to complete the balance due.
Are we responsible for maintenance of the grass? No, Carlier Properties will maintain the lawn.
Can I sublet my room? Sorry, no subletting please.
Is smoking allowed? No smoking.